Tuesday, November 14, 2006

and the oscar goes to...

i did this drawing while watching tv the other week. i guess i forgot about it, but figured that i might as well use it to practice a little painting with photoshop seeing as i found it...

i realize that it's not the best painting job...but i do like the drawing, even though she has a big head. i also realize that humans aren't a nice toasty bronze colour like this girl (unless you spend waaay too much time at a sunny resort in the tropics, or are handed out to movie stars on an annual basis). it just turned out that way... but practice makes better, at the very least.

1 comment:

mike g said...

i dunno skanes,
have you ever seen anyone apply that carrot juice fake tanning spray?
i think you pretty much nailed the color of that.

your photoshop is really nice by the way,
the detail in her stomach and collar area are brilliant.